Why All the Excitement?
Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 08:40AM
DJ Goodwin in 2007 Recruiting Class

Filling the Holes

Opposing fans and critics of Mark Mangino are questioning the enthusiasm over the trifecta of recruits that orally committed to the Kansas football program this past Sunday. After all the 2007 class is still ranked fifth in the division and tenth in the conference. For the KU optimist though, it's pretty simple -- the Jayhawks have addressed the major personnel issues despite what should be a tough recruiting year (high expectations not met, several close losses on TV).

Every KU fan wants some help in pass coverage, so people were thinking secondary -- enter three-star JUCO defensive backs Patrick Resby and Kendrick Harper. Of course, it became clear as the season progressed that we were really missing some pressure from the defensive end position. Throw in JUCO DE Aaron Mack for some immediate help.

The other areas of concern -- losing the core of the offensive line and stud running back Jon Cornish. No problem -- here comes three-star JUCO OL Chet Hartley and highly-touted Texas running back Carmen Boyd-Anderson at 6-1/200 lb. and 4.5 speed.

Please note -- recruiting accolades and stars do not guarantee future success. However, recruiting season is for the optimists and from that perspective it's been a good week. It'll be tough for the Hawk's to match the 2005 and 2006 classes, but it sure looks like the program is building depth across the board.

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