Texas Evens The Score
Sunday, December 31, 2006 at 07:44AM
DJ Goodwin

Big 12 Hits .500

With the 26-24 Texas win over Iowa in yesterday's Alamo Bowl, the Big 12 moved to 3-3 for the 2006 bowl season. Of course, the south division is doing the heavy lifting by going 3-1 thus far. The north is slipping back into its stereotype as a weak division with a nice 0-2 showing.

Sour Grapes

Of course any negative comments toward Mizzou from a KU source are purely sour grapes, but after watching the Sun Bowl this week a few things are really starting to bother me:

Yes, I am bitter about KU not being in one of the 900 bowls that are being played this year.

1) Maybe I'm wrong about MU using this method. I am strictly basing this on observations from televised games and watching the Tigers in person over Thanksgiving. Being at the stadium, I realized that Mizzou employs this quite a bit and the coaches are on the field when the ball is snapped a significant number of plays. Please correct me if you have some insight on this practice.

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