Hawk Digest Annual Awards 2008: Part IV -- Monte Cozzens Award (4 of 6)
Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 12:01PM
DJ Goodwin in Hawk Digest Annual Awards

Darrell Stuckey

Darrell Stuckey was definitely the first player to earn his Cozzens Award this year. He was also the second player. Everything you need to know about Darrell as a football player you saw when he ran down Phillip Livas in the Louisiana Tech game to the deny the speedster a long touchdown run. In case you had spilled your Coke and missed the play or something, he backed it up on the next play by exploding through the line of scrimmage to knock Tech's running back down for a loss. It forced a field goal that was missed and the KU 'D' preserved a shutout.

Pride, talent, hard work and a desire to win. Darrell gave it his all this year. That's the kind of thing you love to see. For young football players, I think it's hard to have the perspective that your college career is really a fleeting moment. Everybody puts a different level of commitment into the game. You've got classes and maybe a social life. You can do the required weightlifting and training. Work hard in practice. But how many players are going to that next level? You know, the Lance Armstrong level. Treating your body as an engine and just taking one season to run perfect and pure. And you're doing it not to get to the NFL, but just to see how good you can play, to leave nothing to chance, to look back and say I truly gave it everything. I think Darrell Stuckey probably feels comfortable in that category.

The Tech play was really just a slice. Darrell did it all year. It's not like he didn't ever get beat or miss a tackle, but he played hard every down and then it really came together in Kansas City as he personally tormented Chase Daniel for three hours. The tomahawk chop and recovery, plus the two interceptions. What more can you say? If you want to know what it means to be a Jayhawk football player, watch a highlight video of Darrell Stuckey.

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