Weekend Scraps: The Rivalry, Border War, Angus Quigley
Monday, March 2, 2009 at 07:13AM
DJ Goodwin in Angus Quigley, Border War, Brandon Perkins, DJ's Stories, Insight Bowl, Jocques Crawford, John Brown, The Recycler, William Quantrill

Missouri fans are upset that KU fans have trotted out John Brown as a heroic symbol for Kansas during this decade. Listen, we all understand what John Brown was, but after years of watching Mizzou fans come to Lawrence touting the virtues of William Quantrill with their "Burn KU" or Burn Lawrence" signs, well there's going to be a backlash. You set the terms and unfortunately we have to step down to that level. One thing that is certain, yes you don't get it. Also, it may be time to brush up on your left and right skills.

As for the poster itself, I thought it was awesome ... but I still put it as a runner-up to John Brown-gino.

Watched a little of the Insight Bowl over the weekend. In the first half, Jocques Crawford and Angus Quigley teamed up for a pretty big hit on a Gophers' kick return. One of the most interesting aspects of spring practice will be watching AQ at linebacker. Oh yeah, that play gave me a vision of Angus (6-2, 222) as a pass rush specialist -- you know the role Brandon Perkins (6-1, 235) played back in 2005.

Speaking of Perkins, here's a good link on KU players in the pros I'd never seen before.

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