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Farewell to Bravenet

A New Look

By now the URL re-direct should be in full effect and you're viewing a brand new Hawk Digest. While the old host (Bravenet) has been good to me, there were a few limiting features that meant it was time to move on. The main issue was that the Bravenet blogging service wasn't working very well with the search engines. Secondarily, the templates were pretty limiting. There are two key features that I will miss though -- the tagboard and the archiving system. Hopefully, I'll be able to reduplicate those items in the future.

There are some hangovers from old site. All of the old articles have not been moved over yet. Bravenet doesn't provide an export, so that will probably take some time. Also, once they are moved over they probably won't look as pretty as they did in their original format, but the info will be there. For now, I have a link to the old archive that will be active until all files are transferred.

It'll take some time to fully realize a lot of the new tools here with Squarespace, but I did incorporate a quick news section to the left that I'll use much like the tag board on the old site. Other than a new look, the other current improvement is more essential football links. If nothing else, I've found myself using Hawk Digest as a jumping off place to get to specific site pages -- link the Rivals Commit page. So, enjoy and now we can get back to talking about football.

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