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Nick Quartaro Resigns

What Does It Mean?

By now the news of Nick Quartaro's resignation has spread like wildfire through the Jayhawk football fanbase. Speculation is that it was a forced resignation. Time will tell but there is no question that Quartaro has been abused pretty severely over the years on the message boards. Mainly, fans have taken issue with playcalling in close games. Certainly fans will remember not being able to pick up a third and one versus A&M this year or not being able to generate a single point in the second half versus Texas Tech in 2004 (a preview to last night's Minnesota meltdown). However, probably the largest concern this year was the perceived mis-use of Jon Cornish all year long. It can be argued a number of different ways, but the reality is that KU had trouble holding onto leads late despite having the Big 12's leading rusher. That alone represents a fairly significant problem.

Still, the rejoicing by the anti-Quartaro club is a bit premature. Like the departure of Glen Mason, there are two components to this. Getting rid of the problem, then finding a replacement that is actually better. As we saw starting in 1997, things can actually get worse.

Speculation on the Phog Board has produced names like Dirk Koetter, Rick Neuheisel, John Latina and many more. Others fear an internal promotion. Either way, KU's two biggest areas of inconsistency (secondary and offense) over the past few years have now experienced coaching changes following a disappointing 6-6 season. It looks as though Kansas is pretty serious about correcting problems and moving to the next level.

Story links on Nick Q's departure: LJW | Wichita Eagle | UDK

Bowl Meltdowns

It was bad enough when Mizzou choked away their two-touchdown lead to fall to Oregon State 39-38, but Minnesota created a true masterpiece by giving it all up to Texas Tech. The Golden Gophers led 38-7 before falling in overtime 44-41. No one has ever looked as helpless as Glen Mason did in last night's fourth quarter.

The Tech comeback was pretty crucial for the Big 12. The conference gets a split for the day and now has a 2-3 record for the bowl season.

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