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2008 KU Football Wish/To Do List

I sold the team a little short by posting a 2007 KU Football Wish List last year. Seems foolish now to call it a wish list, since it was clearly just a to do list. What are the targets for 2008? Read on.
  • Big 12 Championship
  • Charles Gordon is avenged on November 15, 2008
  • A full house for opening day (borrowed from 2007)
  • The team properly channels the nationwide "just a scheduling fluke" media campaign and comes into the season with the exact right amount of focused anger/adrenaline
  • Clint Bowen solves the spread offense
  • Maxwell Onyegbule gets to Chase Daniel ... every down.
  • Mike Rivera gets to Chase Daniel ... every down.
  • RJ Jr and Darius Parish erase my fond memories of James McClinton
  • Todd Reesing 2008 exceed TR 2007
  • Dexton Fields and Dezmon Briscoe both go over 1,000
  • Ed Warriner blows my mind by staying ahead of the Big 12 with further innovation to last year's scheme
  • Find a confident punt returner that can be a threat
  • Jeff Spikes lives up to the hype
  • Marcus Herford becomes a legitimate Big 12 wide receiver threat (last chance man)
  • Jake Sharp -- 80 yard TD run at any point in the conference season or in the state of Florida
  • 40,000 plus Jayhawk fans wearing blue at Arrowhead (adjusted down from 50k for our "home" game last year)
  • 60,000 plus Jayhawk fans wearing blue at Arrowhead one week later
  • 14 wins

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