Hawk Digest Annual Awards 2008: Part III -- Blog Awards
Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 07:30AM
DJ Goodwin in Hawk Digest Annual Awards

College Football Blog of the Year

Rock Chalk Talk

This category was called opponent blog of the year for the first two years. The reality is with five/six real KU blogs out there now (consolidation?), I don't read the opponent blogs often enough to go outside of the Jayhawk arena for this award. This was a close race between KJ-IBT and Rock Chalk Talk. Both blogs set a new standard by providing interesting interview pieces. I gave RCT the edge due to the denverjhawk recruiting interviews. That kind of content rivals anything out there and frankly makes my efforts here look pretty weak. The landscape is interesting and always changing on this scene and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Inside of the SBNation structure, RCT is becoming a legitimate force. However, now with The Shiver on the scene, it looks to be serious battle for that number one slot for KU sports blog sites. It'll be interesting to see how the standalones can hold up against a network blog.

Question: Did you like KJ-IBT better when it was KF-IBT?

As for the previous winners, I still enjoy DXP for the photography and of course, BearMeat really set the standard for college sports blogging. No blog since has even come close to emulating the BearMeat style.

2007: Double Extra Point - Nebraska
2006: BearMeat - Baylor (RIP)

Blog Post of the Year

KJIBT -- It's Business Time B*tches

I had to look through a lot of mullet photos to find that post.

2007: Double Extra Point Surrender
2006: BearMeat's Comparison of the SWC and The Goonies

HD Blog Post of the Year

MU Fun With Real Movie Quotes by ROWYHO
You really just can't go wrong with this type of post

Big 12 YouTube Video of the Year

Honorable Mention: The Texas A&M video on Kansas State with a student posing as Jon Wefald (I can't find the link anywhere and I'm actually not sure that it came out in 2008, but I saw it in 2008).

Awards Schedule
Tuesday -- Part I: Play of the Year
Wednesday -- Part II: Wes Welker Award
Thursday -- Part III: Blog Awards
Friday -- Part IV: Monte Cozzens Award

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