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Hawk Digest Annual Awards 2008: Part IV -- Monte Cozzens Award (2 of 5)

Photo Credit: http://annependleton.comTodd Reesing

  • 329 completions
  • 495 attempts
  • 3,888 yards
  • 32 touchdown passes
  • 66.5% completion percentage
  • 148.53 QB rating

The kid who answered the question, "What if we had a great quarterback on this team?" Todd did as much to change the attitude of KU football as Mark Mangino and fittingly so, he becomes the first two-time winner of this award. What I like about Todd Reesing this year is I think he learned a lot. Teams had an offseason to study him and hone in on making him do what he doesn't like to do. He lost some pretty good components from the 2007 team and there were some rough moments in 2008. Against Texas, I saw Todd as frustrated as I had ever seen him. He didn't go into full meltdown prima donna mode though and embarrass the university with displays of poor sportsmanship. Instead he came out swinging against Mizzou and looked like the gunslinger that he's always been. Here's to Todd keeping his mojo through the 2009 season and making a run at something great. And not because, I need to see KU win more games or a north championship, but because I like the way he approaches life and the game (like a lot of his teammates) and you like to see that example succeed. Well, maybe a little bit because I need a north championship.

Cozzen's Award Winners--The Complete List:
1997 Ron Warner
1998 Patrick Brown
1999 Carl Nesmith, Chad Coellner
2001 Algie Atkinson
2002 Marcus Rodgers
2003 Bill Whittemore, Gabe Toomey
2004 Charles Gordon, Nick Reid, John Randle
2005 Charlton Keith, Jon Cornish, Banks Floodman, Mark Simmons
2006 Jon Cornish
2007 Todd Reesing, Anthony Collins, James McClinton, Brandon McAnderson, Aqib Talib
2008 Kerry Meier, Todd Reesing, ???, ???, ???

Awards Schedule
Tuesday -- Part I: Play of the Year
Wednesday -- Part II: Wes Welker Award
Thursday -- Part III: Blog Awards
Friday -- Part IV: Monte Cozzens Award

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Reader Comments (4)

Couldn't have said it any better myself, my friend. This guy is a landscape changer and those are rare in any program. I've said many times that he reminds me of another number 5 (different sport) who about 30 years earlier led a rag-tag baseball team that wasn't even a blip on MLB radars and turned them into long-term winners. They used to say George Brett could go 3 for 4 on Christmas Day -- there was nothing he couldn't do. I feel the same way about T.R.
January 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMatt Tidwell
Todd reminds me of playing backyard football. When the play breaks down just run around and get open, he'll find you.

I remember when Bill Whittemore graduated I didn't think there would ever be another QB at KU that was as exciting to watch... I was wrong.
January 31, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermoyae84
You should have an award for the player you'd most like to sit and have a beer with. Todd would probably be everyone's unanimous pick therefore it should be named the Todd Reesing award. :)
January 31, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermoyae84
You know, I actually had the opportunity to have a chat with TR one evening. I left it alone though as I didn't want to appear to be some sort of football obsessed stalker. I agree though -- definitely would love to sit down and share a beer with Todd, but I think more like when he's 35 and has some perspective on this time.

I've always felt that way about his style (along with Whittemore) -- backyard football. Having fun and trying to score on every drive. No memory. Hopefully, he can keep that attitude through his senior year. Sometimes as players feel it winding down they tighten up. He just needs to go out and have fun playing football.

Matt -- that's pretty good. I never would have made a George Brett comparison, but I like it. One more year to cement the legacy.
February 1, 2009 | Registered CommenterDJ Goodwin

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