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Weekend Scraps: Rambo Official, Jayhawks Nest and NU QB Transfer

The battle for the north just became a little more intriguing as Nebraska QB Patrick Witt is leaving the Huskers. There's a poll on that Corn Nation link that indicates NU fans like Zac Lee as the starter which still means it's a complete mystery as what kind of performance the Huskers will get out of that position. I guess I'll be watching more NU football in September than I normally would, trying to figure out if they're going to have someone decent or not. Speaking of which ... we need some blowouts in the non-con, so Kale Pick can get some live action to prep for 2010.

Last week there was news that WR Xavier Rambo was transferring to Delta State. The UDK had the official story in case you don't feel like the Gridiron is a true source.

I also mentioned last week that there is a new KU blog on the block -- That makes eight blogs actively covering KU sports. When I started, it was Phog Blog and Jayhawk Nation. Here's the rundown.

Hawk Digest - The worldwide leader in unofficial websites dedicated strictly to KU football.
Rock Chalk Talk - SBNation blog provides the best all-around KU sports coverage.
Oread Boom Kings - Formerly, KJ-IBT/KF-IBT. All-around coverage with more of an edge. Part of a building network.
The Shiver - Comprehensive with a cool WordPress "magazine" layout.
Jayhawks Nest - All KU-Sports with a weekly video feature and YouTube channel.
Phog Blog - Used to be the big one. Definitely geared toward Kansas basketball, but they'll comment on the other sports as well.
Jayhawk Nation - Emphasis on basketball.
Rock Chalk Jay-Blog - All KU sports.


KU Football Recycle: Ed Warinner, Brandon Blaney and Xavier Rambo

The big news last week was the promotion of two KU assistant coaches last week. Offensive coordinator Ed Warriner now has the title of associate head coach, while Brandon Blaney (tight ends and recruiting coordinator) added the new responsibility of assisting with the offensive line. Let's hope both of them received nice raises as well as they've both been getting the job done. We all know the instant success of Warinner, but don't forget to factor in Blaney's recruiting. He was the assistant recruiting coordinator from 2003-2005 before taking over the head job in 2006. Anyone following the Hawks is aware of the upward curve we've enjoyed in recruiting.

The Warinner move is interesting as well as it indicates that he is clearly Mark Mangino's top assistant. I still feel like Mangino has focused on building a legacy with this program and will complete his career at KU; however, it's always a good idea to have a succession plan in place.

There's no official report out yet, but a thread on the Gridiron board indicates that wide receiver Xavier Rambo will be transferring out of KU. Probably due to his unique name, I think a lot of Jayhawk fans had kept an eye on Rambo and were hoping to see him playing more last year, but sometimes these things just don't work out. All of the sudden KU has a lot of receivers on deck and you could hardly blame a young guy for wanting to move somewhere with a better chance for playing time. Here's a look at the KU wideouts:

10-Kerry Meier (SR) 6-3/220
80-Dezmon Briscoe (JR) 6-3/200
81-Jonathan Wilson (JR) 6-3/190
85-Roderick Harris, Jr. (JR or SO?) 6-2/200
09-Raimond Pendleton (SR) 5-11/190
89-Tertavian Ingram (JR) 6-0/195
18-Xavier Rambo (JR) 6-0/195
47-Matt Bouwie (JR) 5-11/170
27-Willie O'Quinn (SO) 6-0/190
19-Reece Petty (JR) 6-2/195

Bradley McDougald | 6-0/181/4.5 - ****
D.J. Beshears | 5-9/185 - ***
Erick McGriff | 6-4/190/4.6 - ***
Chris Omigie | 6-5/185 - ***

88-Dexton Fields 6-0/210
13-Marcus Herford 6-3/210
02-Raymond Brown 6-3/205
04-Gary Green 5-9/175
37-Micah Brown 6-0/185